Weapon X - Original Pastel Painting by Jordan Spector


This piece perfectly captures everything that Brian Dawkins was on the football field. An Eagles fan or not, there’s no denying Dawkins’ revolutionary passion, intensity, and love for football. No matter how bad a game or season, there was always a sense of hope and security in knowing that he was on the field. Also known as “Weapon X,” Dawkins was famous for delivering extraordinary plays and showcasing relentless determination in situations where less astonishing players may have wavered. Outside of football, Dawkins was described as a peaceful, easygoing, humble person. As soon as those pads went on, the transformation to “Weapon X” was complete. Every stroke of pastel and paint was intended to bring forth the ultimate “Weapon X” work of art, a piece that leaves the viewer with memorable flashbacks and a rush of adrenaline with each glance.

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